Try Knot to Cum (ZMV Mega Mix)

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A Loosely-Told Story in Five Parts. Took me waaaaaay too long to make this, so I hope the wait is worth it for y'all <3
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Too much lag... Video pauses too often anyplace elese u uploaded?
damn i need the middle clip in minute 14:30
I really like this one. Does any1 have any recommendations on any other men and dog sites. I usually check regularly for some new videos and only a couple every few days. Could some tell me if they know any other sites, thanks.
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This seems to encapsulate my denial of my zoophilia from my younger days to now; after a wildly hot sexual affair with the family black lab, trying to hide my attraction by banging scene girls in animal ears and tails, then becoming a furry, and now brazenly fucking a pit bull bitch (as well as her EXTREMELY young owner) all day every day.

Hey man,do you know who is this Great Dane? At 8:36,I always saw her in videos but never knew who she is. If you know it please answer me
I think it would be interesting to see a version of this but focusing on more male animals
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