Wife PMV - Lean On (captions)

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TrashAnimal9 | 71 subscribers
5239   2 months ago
i tried doing some captions for a change
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I would literally pay you to do more
Created an account to say: This is awesome.

Many years ago I watched my girlfriend (now wife) get fucked by a rottweiler. It only happened once. She was supposed to play with the owner and his two dogs, but ended up falling asleep in the owner's bed, exhausted, after the first dog. Eventually I took her back to our hotel. I often wonder what might have happened if I'd left her in his bed and gone back on my own. How different all our lives might be.

This video taps into that what-if scenario. Thank you!
This... This might be my new favorite compilation <3

I'm a sucker for cuckold material, so this pushes allllll the right buttons for me lmao. You painted such a lovely picture of the kink though, hopefully this might pique the interest of others too... All I know for sure is I would not hesitate to be the POV character in this wonderful story you've written <3 <3
Great clips. I like to see some of those films completely.
That video is so HOT!
Love that little story you captionned, you kind of read my mind, things I think about when I watch dog porn. Thumbs up mate!