Daddy's Secret

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Don't tell mum
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Apparently a lot of daddies have this same secret, mostly because the dog sex feels better and with this daddy, more then likely his lady doesn't let him wax her, but his dog does. Also he is fairly large and his dog lets him bury to his nut sac, not likely with his wife. So like I said, a lot of daddy's secret is fucking their female dog. You would be very surprised in the number....beware though, your wife will not understand. On a side not, the bitch looks to just coming out of heat, hence the enlarged look but lacks the rigidity of full heat. Daddy picked one of the best times of the heat to be fucking his dog for pleasure.
What a hot little cunt she has. You should creampie her, if I were there, I'd love to eat it out of her while you plowed my hole with that gorgeous dick.
The wax extremely hot daddy mmmmm
always love daddys secrest no mater what they are, dogs boys girls hehe love the taboo.
Beautiful cookie~